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How to Attract Elder Law & Estate Planning Clients
 with Digital Marketing
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Stop Wasting Time and Money
Your focus should be on the 20% of activity driving 80% of the results. This will maximize your ROI for employee time and marketing dollars spent. 
Attract Great Clients That You Love
It's not rocket science. Attract your ideal clients (the kind you enjoy serving) by implementing this system.
Grow The Practice of Your Dreams
It's time for you to decide... do you want to scale your practice and grow big or keep things steady? At this point, it's your choice!
No surprises and no crazy sales pitches!

I will cover the following marketing topics... 

Paid advertising
Websites & SEO
Online review generation
Social media
Email marketing
Plus live Q&A!

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"The marketing ideas and skills produced by Bambiz have helped my firm share our message and mission with our ideal clients.

This has allowed us to grow."

- Patrick K., Elder Law Attorney
About Your Host
Jim Blake
While meeting Elder Law and Estate Planning attorneys at CLE conferences my wife was planning I kept hearing the same thing over and over...

The attorneys I met were struggling to get in front of quality clients.

They didn’t know where to start to promote their services. 

The digital world was confusing...
Marketing companies had scammed them in the past. 

Deep down, all they wanted was to serve their communities and help as many families as possible.

Having worked in corporate marketing and sales for over a decade, I knew I could help. 

That is why I started Bambiz in 2016. 
6 years later, here we are...

At Bambiz we help Elder Law & Estate Planning attorneys across the country get more consultations, more clients, and build the practices of their dreams.

It would be an honor to teach you these strategies at this free online workshop.